2017 Mini-Kit Thread (CGW 920000 Series Boxcar)

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  1. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    Des Plaines, IL
    Welcome to the thread for 2017's Mini-Kit Project. Mini-Kits will be passed out next week to attendees who registered early enough to receive the parts. If you didn't register in time, Resin Car Works plans to add the parts to their line so they will be available for other modelers.

    Here's this year's subject:
    CGW 92000 10' AAR box.jpg
  2. George Toman

    George Toman New Member

  3. Jeff Eggert

    Jeff Eggert New Member

    I model the CNW in 1995, so I wanted to see if any of the cars from the two CGW series remained on the roster. I looked for photos and at car card information from the CNWHS Archives.

    For photos of these cars in various stages of their life, the Morning Sun CGW Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment, pages 29 and 110, provide examples.

    From the car cards, it shows that between Feb and June of 1963, 175 cars from both 91000-91099 and 92000-92149 were changed seemingly at random to 9001-9175. As noted in the color guide, these cars were sold to Chicago Freight Car and leased back, retaining CGW marks. Photos of the 9000 series show a stiffened side sill. CGW 9050 from the color guide was 91063 and was changed on 3-26-1963, it was retired 12-1973. The cards show that all 250 cars but one, were listed as retired by 1974, with bulk of the retired between 1970 and 1973. Another car 9166 is found online in this photo. 9166 was changed from 92136 on 6-7-1963 and was returned to CFC 3-6-1969.

    The lone survivor on paper is 92065. The color guide and cards agree, this car was changed in 7-1967 to W 92065, where it presumably received orange paint. Then 6-24-1982 it was renumbered to X 4100 and painted in CNW MOW red and gray. Sometime between 1995 and 1999 the X 4100 moved from Des Moines IA to Boone IA where this car survives today. I will model this car in CNW MOW red and gray similar to the linked image, but with less weathering.

    Another surviving car is 92105 in Oelwein IA. On paper this car shows as being destroyed 9-19-1970 at Oelwein. Clearly this car wasn’t literally destroyed 47 years ago!

    Jeff Eggert
  4. Mike

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    Des Plaines, IL
    Great info, Jeff! Thanks for searching the archives for us.
  5. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    Des Plaines, IL
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  6. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    Des Plaines, IL
  7. George Toman

    George Toman New Member

    In doing research on this CGW car I received the following info from Ed Hawkins on the underframe
    Pullman-Standard’s 1937 AAR box cars built for Seaboard, CGW, and 5 C&EI BX express box cars in 1944-1945 had common underframes with their truck centers lengthened 2” to 30’-10 1/2”. This changed the lengths of the stringers by small amounts.
    CGW 91000-91099 (lot 5771) & 92000-92149 (lot 5805) both had truck centers of 30’-10 1/2” and stringers as follows, which coincides to the underframe drawing that came with the HO kit showing two Z stringers on each side of the center sill end to end.
    Between the crossbearers: 4 per car - 4” Z, 1/4” x 6’-0 1/2”
    Crossbearers to bolsters: 8 per car - 3” Z, 1/4” x 11’-3”
    Bolsters to ends: 4 per car - 3” Z, 1/4” x 4’-2 5/8”

    I want to thank Ed for helping me understand these drawings

    George Toman
  8. Lester Breuer

    Lester Breuer New Member

    When you begin to install the resin cast ends when assembling the mini kit be aware they are not interchangeable. The "B" end has the brackets for the brake housing molded on it.
    Lester Breuer
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  9. George Toman

    George Toman New Member

    Here are a couple progress shots of my CGW mini-kit with a new floor built using the General Arrangement Drawings and info from Ed Hawkins.
    George Toman

    CGW Underframe.jpg CGW End view.jpg
  10. George Toman

    George Toman New Member

    CGW car finally ready to be cleaned and painted.
    George Toman CGW Left Side.jpg CGW 3 4 View B End.jpg
  11. Chris Vanko

    Chris Vanko New Member

    Just recently completed my mini kit. Nice kit for a unique prototype. Thanks for providing it to us!

    Chris Vanko

    CGW 9050.JPG
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  12. George Toman

    George Toman New Member

    Chris great looking build. I like the side sill you modified. Paint look great and that roof very nice.
    Thanks for sharing
    George Toman
  13. Chris Vanko

    Chris Vanko New Member

    Thanks George. Looking forward to see yours painted!
  14. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    Des Plaines, IL
    Looks great Chris! I like the sill modifications.
  15. roger wilson

    roger wilson New Member

    although unable to attend, weren't N scale ends made as well? if so are they available?
  16. Bob Chapman

    Bob Chapman New Member

    Nothing special in my Chicagoland model -- built as a "layout model" following the instructions. My points in presenting it: 1) yes, Mike, we DO build these models you give us in Chicagoland, and 2) an opportunity to thank Mike and the entire design and production team for a fine model of a unique prototype that many of us might not have acquired on our own.
    Bob Chapman
    p.s. Attempted a photo with this post, but 2134KB image size received "too large" error message. Will try again later once I figure out how to compress the image.
  17. Bob Chapman

    Bob Chapman New Member

    Here's the photo
    Bob Chapman CGW Boxcar #92048 2.JPG
  18. Mike

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    Des Plaines, IL
    Great model, Bob! And yes, I really do like to see these built up, as that's the whole idea of getting a Mini-Kit into everyone's hands. At the end of the day, modeling is what pulls us all together. So the more modeling, the better. I hope to see a bunch of these on display at the next RPM Chicagoland.
  19. George Toman

    George Toman New Member

    Here is a photo of my CGW Car Painted up. Weather still to be done. Paint used was Modelers Decals and Paint Tuscon and over sprayed with a clear satin P1050367.JPG
  20. Robert Jack Ellis

    Robert Jack Ellis New Member

    I've always been interested in these cars, ever since the late Stan Rydarowicz wrote an article on them in Railmodel Journal. I have also seen an unsigned article in the February, 1987, issue of Model Railroading. Combining these two sources with Ed Hawkins' roster of 1937 AAR boxcars yields the following information. I would welcome corrections.
    B & O 465000 - 465899, lap seam roof. Photo in MRG article.
    C & EI 1 - 5, express boxcars
    CGW 91000 - 91099 and 92000 - 92149, the subjects of these mini-kits. I seem to remember reading somewhere ( Dr. John Nehrich?) that one group of CGW cars lacked stiffeners in the roof panels, but I can't find the reference.
    TC 7900 - 7999, lap seam roof. Mr. Hawkins does not list these cars as having the P/S end, but photos show that they did.
    WLE 24200 - 24501. Photos in Mr. Rydarowicz' article do not appear to show seam caps, so I think these cars also had lap seam roofs. The WLE purchased 200 cars from AC & F at the same time which, oddly, did have Pullman roofs.
    I certainly don't claim this list is exhaustive, nor do I claim to have done any original research.
    As Mr. Rydarowicz points out, there were taller cars with 5/5 ends.
    I hope my modeling efforts will someday look as fine as thise shown in this thread.
    With the availability of these ends, a lap seam roof would sure come in handy.
    Thank you for the opportunity to make these comments.

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