RPM Chicago Mini-Kits

Early registration gifts from the workbench of Frank Hodina at Resin Car Works.


Going back to the days when Sunshine Models ran the “Naperville” meet, a small gift of resin parts, or decal set, was sometimes provided to early registrations. The parts would help convert a readily available plastic model into a new prototype.

Kit contents were usually resin goodies like new doors, side sills, ends, or other freight car conversion parts.

They were a good way to try resin as a modeling medium, and helped foster model building, a tenent of RPM shows. RPM Chicagoland has been lucky to have Frank Hodina and team donate their time and materials since 2016 so the tradition can continue.

Let’s build more models!

2018 Mini-Kit: FGEX 40ft Truss Rod Reefers

2018 Mini-Kit: FGEX 40ft Truss Rod Reefers

In 2018, the Mini-Kit was once again offered in HO, N, S, and O scales. Frank Hodina conceived the HO scale kit as a conversion of an Accurail 40ft wood reefer model into an FGEX 40ft truss rod car. Working off his queue, Mike Skibbe developed conversion parts for S...

2017 Mini-Kit: CGW 1937 AAR Boxcar

2017 Mini-Kit: CGW 1937 AAR Boxcar

The 2017 rendition of the Mini-Kit was offered in four different scales! First, Jason Kliewer's 3D cad model of a Pullman Standard "Carbuilders" end was the basis for new resin ends in each scale. The ends were 3D printed, and then combined with other mastered parts...

2016 Mini-Kit: B&O M-15k

2016 Mini-Kit: B&O M-15k

2016 marked the return of the Mini-Kit to RPM Chicagoland. The car was a conversion of the Fox Valley Models B&O M-53 wagon top boxcar into an earlier M-15k rebuild. The M-15k's featured a notched side sill, while resin conversion parts were developed with new end...

Register Today

Registration for the next RPM Chicagoland opens around April each year. Mini-Kits are generally limited to the first 100 HO registrants.

Resin Car Works

Be sure to visit Frank and his minions at the Resin Car Works page, where you can buy other resin parts, past Mini-Kits, and full resin freight car kits.

Bring Models

Display Models

Bring your built up or in progress Mini-kits back to RPM Chicagoland. We love seeing them on display in future years.