Seminar Schedule
This is the heart of the RPM Conference, and we will have presentations running up to five at a time.

Draft Schedule Available Here (subject to final scheduling changes)

Clinic Description Documents

Presenters for RPM Chicagoland 2023 include:

Bill Darnaby – The Maumee Route: From Conception to Completion
Clark Propst – Story City Branch – Start to Finish
Todd Sullivan – Portland Oregon Layout 1952
Bob Perrin/Jim Singer – The Illinois Central in Central Illinois in the 1960’s
Jason Klocke – Chicago Great Western: Rochester Oil City

Tips and Techniques
George Toman – Using Photo Etched Parts
Chris Vanko – Weathering
Keith Kohlmann – Realistic Freight Car Loads
Fenton Wells – Kit-Bashing: To Bash or not to Bash… That is the question.
Ted Culotta- Creating Artwork for Etched Metal Parts

Live/Hands On
Jeff Otto – Hands-on Track Laying (at Vendor Table)
Dave Schroedle – Subtle Weathering for 1940-1960 Boxcars (at Vendor Table)
Jeff Lemke – Soldering, Repairs, and Professional Painting of Brass Models (at Vendor Table)

Freight Cars
Ed Rethswich – Building an IC Boxcar
Jerry Hamsmith – Significant IC Boxcars of the 1950’s
Steve Hile – Modeling Swift Reefers
Jim Panza – Early Trailer Train Flatcars
Mont Switzer – Loads for TTX F30 and F39 Flat Cars
Ray Breyer – The Mather Fleet
Bob Henniger – GN 50′ Rebuilt Boxcars
Dick Harley – UP Boxcar Paint Schemes 1939-1980
Keith Jordan – Made to Last: Santa Fe’s USRA Design Refrigerator Cars
Doug Chapman – Ralston Steel Car Company: Midwestern Roads

Prototype Operations
Jim Brown – Santa Fe Operations in Illinois circa 1959
Doug Harding – A coal washer in Iowa? National Coal at Fosterdale
Seth Lakin – Operations Element: The Midwest Interurban Lumber Hauler
Bob Hanmer – Iron Ore Operation in Western Mesabi Range
Steve Holzheimer – Railroads and the Synthetic Rubber Industry
Matt Smith/Brad Hanner – Modeling Central Illinois in the 1950’s
Neil Schofield – CP Rail Operations in Vermont: Developing Realistic Operating Plans
Dave Leider – The EJ&E Chicago’s Outer Belt

Alex Schneider – Research and Assembly of a Resin/Plastic Passenger Car
Roger Hinman – NYC Steel Baggage Cars

Bob Weber – Pullman Library
Paul Swanson – Lake States Railway Historical Association

As more speakers are confirmed, we will update this list. Individual clinicians and schedules are subject to change, for obvious reasons.