Seminar Schedule
As always, there are some last minute changes to the best laid plans. Unfortunately, three of our clinicians had to cancel their attendance due to personal issues. They are:

Keith Jordan – Santa Fe USRA based Reefers
Ted Culotta – Creating Art for Etched Parts
Robert Henniger – Great Northern 50 foot Boxcars

Thankfully, we have three willing clinics available on standby. They will take the clinic times that were opened. They are:

Dick Dawson – AAR Interchange Rules with applications to Model Situations
Eric Hiser – Evolution of Santa Fe Boxcars from early wood to Steel
Dan Munson – Yardmaster 101

Only Dick Dawson’s information made it into the printed booklet. But all of the descriptions and the updated schedule do appear on the RPM website.

Draft Schedule Available Here (subject to final scheduling changes)

Clinic Description Documents

Presenters for RPM Chicagoland 2023 include:

Bill Darnaby – The Maumee Route: From Conception to Completion
Clark Propst – Story City Branch – Start to Finish
Todd Sullivan – Portland Oregon Layout 1952
Bob Perrin/Jim Singer – The Illinois Central in Central Illinois in the 1960’s
Jason Klocke – Chicago Great Western: Rochester Oil City

Tips and Techniques
George Toman – Using Photo Etched Parts
Chris Vanko – Weathering
Keith Kohlmann – Realistic Freight Car Loads
Fenton Wells – Kit-Bashing: To Bash or not to Bash… That is the question.

Live/Hands On
Jeff Otto – Hands-on Track Laying (at Vendor Table)
Dave Schroedle – Subtle Weathering for 1940-1960 Boxcars (at Vendor Table)
Jeff Lemke – Soldering, Repairs, and Professional Painting of Brass Models (at Vendor Table)

Freight Cars
Ed Rethswich – Building an IC Boxcar
Jerry Hamsmith – Significant IC Boxcars of the 1950’s
Steve Hile – Modeling Swift Reefers
Jim Panza – Early Trailer Train Flatcars
Mont Switzer – Loads for TTX F30 and F39 Flat Cars
Ray Breyer – The Mather Fleet
Dick Harley – UP Boxcar Paint Schemes 1939-1980
Doug Chapman – Ralston Steel Car Company: Midwestern Roads

Prototype Operations
Jim Brown – Santa Fe Operations in Illinois circa 1959
Doug Harding – A coal washer in Iowa? National Coal at Fosterdale
Seth Lakin – Operations Element: The Midwest Interurban Lumber Hauler
Bob Hanmer – Iron Ore Operation in Western Mesabi Range
Steve Holzheimer – Railroads and the Synthetic Rubber Industry
Matt Smith/Brad Hanner – Modeling Central Illinois in the 1950’s
Neil Schofield – CP Rail Operations in Vermont: Developing Realistic Operating Plans
Dave Leider – The EJ&E Chicago’s Outer Belt

Alex Schneider – Research and Assembly of a Resin/Plastic Passenger Car
Roger Hinman – NYC Steel Baggage Cars

Bob Webber – Pullman Library
Paul Swanson – Lake States Railway Historical Association

As more speakers are confirmed, we will update this list. Individual clinicians and schedules are subject to change, for obvious reasons.