We’re bringing back the Mini-Kit! Subject to availability, attendees will receive a free kit with their registration. For 2017, we have a kit in the works and hope to be able to offer it in O, S, HO and N scales! More information will follow, but for now please indicate your main scale of interest when you register for the event.

Last year’s model of a B&O M-15k was provided through the generosity of Resin Car Works, Fox Valley Models, Accrual, Speedwitch, Tichy, Microscale and Micro-Trains.


A Fox Valley Models B&O M-53 can be backdated to an earlier M-15k rebuild. These cars were the first batch of wagontop cars, and are distinctive with their fishbelly underframe, large end sills, and notched side sills. Resin Car Works in coordination with Tom Madden castings provided the resin conversion components with Accurail providing the underframe (HO Scale). In N scale, the fishbelly underframe will be provided by Micro-Trains. Both scales includee decals from Microscale (HO) and Tichy (N) featuring Ted Culotta’s impeccable artwork.

You can see examples of these kits on our forum page at If you’ve been working on your M-15k, please be sure to share progress on the forum!