HO Mini-Kits All Spoken For

We have surpassed 200 registrants requesting the HO Scale version of the Mini-Kit. So, the HO kits are all spoken for. We still have a handful of N Scale kits. If you missed out on the HO kit we will substitute the N Scale kit until we run out of those.

Early Bird Registration Extended

We had a glitch in the ticketing system yesterday, and the early bird rate was cut off early at around 6:55 PM. Since several people waited until deadline to try to sign up, the system showed that the show was sold out. We are extending the early bird deadline until...
Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities

RPM Chicagoland attendees are being invited to three off-site opportunities the week of the conference. First, Des Plaines Hobbies is a pilgrimage that can’t be missed while you’re in Chicago for the RPM Conference. This year, the hobby shop is making it...