A major theme of this year’s 25th anniversary event is looking back at the history of the prototype modeling movement and celebrating how far modeling has come through the fellowship of RPM events.

We’d like to see those improvements in the display room this year, and to that end, we’re inviting everyone to bring models that may be languishing in storage.

Have original Sunshine Model kits, even un-built? Bring them for display.

Have some of Richard Hendrickson’s Westrail conversions from 30+ years ago? Bring them for display.

Have some old Athearn Blue Box models that you reworked back in the day? Bring those too!

Heck, I’m even pulling together stuff from prior decades when American Flyer 2-rail was advertised as more prototypical than Lionel’s three rail! Lets show the history of this fine hobby and show just how far we’ve come and reminisce with the live history that we can show on the tables. We plan to have tables available and we can group models by decade for a historical display.

Bring your latest models too. But go digging in the boxes for gems that tell the story of RPM.