Frank Hodina has finished his test model of this year’s Mini-Kit in HO scale, shown above.

Early bird registrants will receive this year’s Mini-Kit which includes resin conversion parts and a set of decals to be used to convert an Accurail 40ft wood reefer into an FGEX truss rod car.

Much thanks to Frank for his pattern work, Tom Madden for casting the parts, and Ted Culotta for providing the decals again.

Mike Skibbe also created patterns for O, S, and N scale parts based on Frank’s HO work, and resin parts will be offered to those modeling in other scales.

Don’t forget to bring your previous Mini-Kit models to the event! Even in-progress models are welcome and we will have a table where past Mini-Kit models can be displayed together. George Toman will also be presenting on his efforts to complete the 2017 kit, a CGW boxcar, with the utmost in detal. Don’t miss that clinic.