The models brought for display are an integral part of the RPM meet. They aren’t brought in to win a contest, but rather are brought to share with the other like minded attendees. We’ve updated the model display cards, and are including a PDF file in case you want to fill these out for your display models ahead of time.

RPM Chicagoland 25th Modeler Card PDF

Remember, anything of interest can be brought and put on the model display tables. Finished models, in progress models, freight cars, passenger cars, buildings, resin masters and rubber molds, new research… it’s all fair game. Bring what you’ve been working on.

The card itself has been updated with the new logo (Thanks Kristin!) and has two new fields that will help specifically for models added to our RPM Timeline. Year Built is for the year the model was constructed, while Prototype Era is for the year or timeframe of the equipment being modeled.

What’s the RPM Timeline? As part of the 25th anniversary celebration this year, we’re going to have a dozen tables lined up and decade signs placed. So pull some old models, kits, or other golden oldies to bring out to display on these tables (Besides your recent models!) so that we can help tell the story of the RPM movement and how much detail has grown over the years.

So far we know people are bringing…
1930’s American Flyer Standard Gauge (When toys could run over your dog!)
1950’s Flyer S gauge vs Lionel 3-rail… who wins the realism category?
1960-70’s O scale golden era models
1980’s What could you do with an Athearn Bluebox model?
1990’s Early Resin kits and start of Sunshine Models, including a display of Sunshine flyers and some pattern work.
2000’s Plastic model detail soars, Resin kits continue to improve.
2020’s What does the future have in store?

Please bring something to add to the timeline!