This week we’ll be adding links to photos of the event, a digital copy of the attendee program, and presentation handouts which we have permission from the authors to provide digitally.

However, an online discussion kicked off at RealSTMFC about the history of resin freight cars and how they relate to the history of RPM. In defense of the fact that all resin manufacturers were discussed, and shown at the event, I’m uploading Steve Hile’s Friday evening Friends of the Freight Car Panel Discussion presentation here. This should aid the online discussion.

Steve Hile’s Friends of the Freight Car Panel Presentation PDF

In the display room, for those that weren’t in attendance, we had twelve tables (72 linear feet, 180 sqft!) dedicated to a live model timeline of the drive toward more realistic models. This started with a Wide Gauge American Flyer “Grand Canyon” freight set from 1931 and moved all the way to today’s current models. It included such gems as Sunshine Kit 1.1, Dennis Storzek’s Soo Line sawtooth boxcar, and even some WestRail flat cars that were issued by Richard Hendrickson from patterns by Llyod Keiser. We had a great sampling!