At this year’s event, IC Mini-kits that were mastered by Frank Hodina, cast by Tom Madden, with decals drawn by Ken Soroos, were gifted to the first 100 early bird registrants. An N scale kit was also produced by Mike Skibbe for the first 25 N scale attendees.

The hope is to inspire more modeling through the release of these kits. A Mini-Kit was a concept that Sunshine Models used when a simple set of resin parts could convert a readily available plastic model into a new prototype. New ends, doors, or sills are generally included, along with decals.

While preliminary research is available at the time the kits are created, the release of the kits inspires more research and learning from the RPM community. Folks ask questions, and researchers share more detailed information throughout the course of the year.

Ultimately, George Toman builds a model “to the nines” and shares his work, techniques, and finished model as a seminar at the next year’s meet.

While perusing the RPM Blog Roll I noticed that Ted Culotta has already begun sharing additional information about these cars. So if you are beginning to work on your kit, please check his post out at Prototype Railroad Topics

For those that did not get a kit, watch for future announcements at Resin Car Works.